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The Volumes in this Series are all presented in the same style and format, and together provide a comprehensive introduction to marine science. Ocean Basins deals with structure and formation of oceanic crust, hydrothermal circulation, and factors affecting sea-level. Seawater considers the seawater solution and leads naturally into Ocean Circulation, which is the 'core' of the Series. Waves, Tides and Shallow-Water Processes introduces the physical processes which control water movement and sediment transport in the nearshore environment (beaches, estuaries, deltas, shelves). Ocean Chemistry and Deep-Sea Sediments is concerned with biogeochemical cycling of elements within the seawater solution and with water-sediment interaction on the ocean floor. Case Studies in Oceanography and Marine Affairs examines the effect of human intervention in the marine environment and introduces the essentials of Law of the Sea. The two case studies respectively review marine affairs in the Arctic from an historical standpoint, and outline the causes and effects of the tropical climatic phenomenon known as El Nino.

Biological Oceanography: An Introduction (by C. M. Lalli and T. R. Parsons) is a companion Volume to the Series, and is also in the same style and format. It describes and explains interactions between marine plants and animals in relation to the physical/chemical properties and dynamic behaviour of the seawater in which they live.

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