Ekman transport

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Figure A5 Answer to Question 4.6(b) and ic>

Question 4.7 The flow pattern in (2) is symmetrical, like that in (1), and so the existence of the Coriolis force per se cannot be the reason for the intensification of western boundary currents. However, when the Coriolis force is made to increase with latitude - albeit linearly - the flow pattern does show the asymmetry observed in the real oceans. Figure 4.12 therefore strongly suggests that the intensification of western boundary currents is a result of the fact that the Coriolis parameter (and hence the Coriolis force) increases with latitude.

Question 4.8 (a) If du/d? = 0. and there are no forces acting vertically other than the weight of the water and the vertical pressure gradient (i.e. F. = 0), Equation 4.3c becomes:

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