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MHTr foCom0([v0~][To] + [t;$r$]a cos cp dÀ, o where the first term in parentheses describes overturning in the meridional plane (the heat transport by the meridional circulation cell), the second one, representing the horizontal correlation between velocity and temperature departures, describes the gyre effect (the heat transport in the horizontal plane).

From general considerations it is clear that the meridional heat transport in tropical and subtropical latitudes of the ocean is mainly due to circulation in the meridional plane because of the predominance of the vertical temperature contrast over the horizontal one. The data systematized by Bryan (1982) serve as confirmation. As for temperate and high latitudes of the ocean, the relation between the separate components of MHT0 cannot be considered as reliably established. In particular, this is demonstrated by very contradictory estimates obtained within the framework of three-dimensional ocean general circulation models. Be that as it may, until this problem is solved finally the justification for an allowance for the meridional heat transport owing to the gyre effect cannot be doubted. This distinguishes the 1.5-dimensional models favourably from the 0.5-dimensional (box) and one-dimensional models.

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