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As may be seen, v0/u0 = — (m,a2/p2)/(l + mYa2lp2) < 0. This means that the ice drift in a deep sea is always directed to the side of high pressure, and hence, in the presence of ice cover, the left turn of wind in the surface atmospheric layer will be greater than that predicted by Exner's model.

4.4.2 Simplest closed models

Equations (4.4.1) are not closed. Besides the components of the wind and drift current velocities they contain two more unknowns: eddy viscosity coefficients in the atmospheric and ocean planetary boundary layers. To close the system it is necessary to supplement the equations of motion with relations connecting eddy viscosity coefficients with the velocity distribution. For this purpose Laikhtman (1958) proposed to use the integral turbulent energy budget equation

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