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and the ratio aH = kH/kM approach their limiting values, and the combination <xuRf - to the constant Rf0, which is approximately equal to 5 x 10~4. Here is the friction velocity in the next-to-surface ocean layer, kM is the coefficient of vertical viscosity, ft = gaT is the buoyancy parameter, ocx is the coefficient of sea water thermal expansion.

The equality aHRf = Rf0, together with the equation for Q0 yields /cH = (jR/0/i/j?<57^)1/2u^w. To determine the second unknown the equation dh/dt = b5kH/h (here b5 = 17 is the numerical constant) is used. This equation describes the growth of the active layer thickness due to the entrainment of the water from the deep layer during the cold six-month season.

In accordance with this equation the characteristic value of h is h = (b5kHt0)

where t0 is the annual period.

Now when h is known the equations for kH, Q0/poco and MHT0 can be rewritten in the form

Rfo M

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