E 3915

From this it follows that at £ => oo (or at z => co, see (3.9.13)) the heat content defect in the surface atmospheric layer approaches its limiting value Qm = Q'o exP(3£o 7(1 — )0> and the rate of its change and the heat flux at the water-air interface approach zero. The last circumstance indicates that at the end of the wave growth stage the heat exchange between the ocean and the atmosphere almost stops, and the evolution of the thermal regime of the surface atmospheric layer (the decrease in the temperature defect) occurs mainly due to heat redistribution between the surface atmospheric layer and the air entrained from the upper atmospheric layers.

Let us return to Equation (3.9.7) and substitute (3.9.10) and (3.9.15) into it. Then omitting terms with the factor e~{ we obtain

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