[nt k

vy djm y dy

where kvy, kvz, kwy, kW2 are transport coefficients assumed proportional to the local temperature gradients.

Substitution of (5.7.6) into (5.7.4) yields for B = const

from which, with an allowance for (5.7.3), it follows that

Thus, to determine [f'C] and, hence, [u'v'~\ it is necessary to know only the spatial distribution of transport coefficients kvy and kvz. For this purpose the theory of baroclinic instability of the zonal flow and additional energetic considerations (say, estimates of the ratio between time of growth and degeneration of baroclinic disturbances) are used. The case is aggravated by the existence of the integral condition which the adopted method of parametrization has to meet. Indeed, let the range of determination of the solution be restricted in the meridional direction by walls where the meridional flux [uV] vanishes. Then, according to (5.7.5)

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