Eolian Records Of The South American Pampas

The late Quaternary record of the Pampas (Fig. 3) is mainly composed of eolian deposits that include loess, loessial sands, eolian sand mantles, and dunes. Although several new contributions have been recently published (Iriondo, 1997, 1999; Sayago, 1995, 1997), controversial explanations emerge when specific aspects are considered, such as loess distribution, source areas, and origin of the eolian particles. First, the Pampas are a heterogeneous environment with different climatic, geomorphologic, and vegetative characteristics; key stratigraphic localities are found in different set-

Formation Loess
FIGURE 2 Classical model of midlatitude loess formation by eo-lian deflation of glaciogenic silt, downwind trends, and traditional climatic interpretation of the loess stratigraphic record.
Thaw Slumping Model

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