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Studies in Environmental Science

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4 Potential Industrial Carcinogens and Mutagens by L. Fishbein

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11 Atmospheric Chemistry. Fundamental Aspects by E. Mészâros

12 Water Supply and Health edited by H. van Lelyveld and B.C.J. Zoeteman

13 Man under Vibration. Suffering and Protection edited by G. Bianchi, K.V. Frolov and A. Oledzki

14 Principles of Environmental Science and Technology by S.E. J0rgensen and I. Johnsen

15 Disposal of Radioactive Wastes by Z. Dlouhy

16 Mankind and Energy edited by A. Blanc-Lapierre

17 Quality of Groundwater edited by W. van Duijvenbooden, P. Glasbergen and H. van Lelyveld

18 Education and Safe Handling in Pesticide Application edited by E.A.H. van Heemstra-Lequin and W.F. Tordoir

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31 Teratogens: Chemicals which Cause Birth Defects edited by V. Kolb Meyers

32 Pesticide Chemistry by G. Matolcsy, M. Nadasy and V. Andriska

33 Principles of Environmental Science and Technology (second revised edition)

by S.E. J0rgensen and I. Johnsen

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45 Freight Transport and the Environment edited by M. Kroon, R. Smitand J. van Ham

46 Acidification Research in The Netherlands edited by G.J. Heij and T. Schneider

47 Handbook of Radioactive Contamination and Decontamination by J. Severa and J. Bar

48 Waste Materials in Construction edited byJ.J.J.M. Goumans, H.A. vanderSloot andTh.G. Aalbers

49 Statistical Methods in Water Resources by D.R. Helsel and R.M. Hirsch

50 Acidification Research: Evaluation and Policy Applications edited by T. Schneider

51 Biotechniques for Air Pollution Abatement and Odour Control Policies edited by A.J. Dragt and J. van Ham

52 Environmental Science Theory. Concepts and Methods in a One-World, Problem-Oriented Paradigm byW.T. de G root

53 Chemistry and Biology of Water, Air and Soil. Environmental Aspects edited by J. Tölgyessy


There is an increased interest for nitrogen removal in waste water treatment all over the world. We have therefore found it useful to give an overview of the wide spectrum of nitrogen removal processes available today.

Part A gives a very brief overview of nitrogen pollution sources, the global nitrogen cycle and the treatment methods. Part B presents details of all biological methods for nitrogen removal, while Part C treats the physico-chemical nitrogen removal methods. Design examples related to Parts B and C are given in appendices.

The volume is not a textbook written for engineers, but is rather written for a wide spectrum of environmentalists who would like to have an overview of the available methods from a biological and chemical point of view. Design equations are given in the text, but more emphasis has been laid on the profound understanding of the biological and chemical processes and the basic factors that influence these processes. Parameters and regression equations for a quantitative description of these factors and their influence on the key processes are presented in several tables. This feature makes the volume very useful as a handbook on nitrogen removal processes.

The authors, Copenhagen, 24 June 1993

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