Influence of Toxic Substances on the Denitrification Process

The inhibition equation of the denitrification process resembles the equation proposed for the nitrification process in Section 3.13.

As for nitrification, the following overall expression takes both toxic substances and oxygen inhibition into account:

where f[l] is a term taking the inhibition of toxic substances into account, and f[02] the oxygen inhibition, during the denitrification.

The major influence of toxic substances on denitrification is the short-term influence on the growth rate. It is of great importance that the denitrifying population is capable of dealing with different toxics, because then a long-term influence of the same toxic will not be as persistent as the short-term influence, since a bacteria population is very adaptive to all every environmental changes. Many of the results referred to in the literature show how a short-term response can influence a population of bacteria, and may, therefore, often appear to be much more dramatic than a long-term influence, where the bacteria would have had time to adapt.

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