Results and Discussion

TNA and ARA had similar values in both strains. Relative efficiency was 0.65 for T2 and 0.56 for 9C. Both are in the range of 0.4 to 0.7 reported for Rhizobium (Hunt, Layzell 1993). H2 evolution from 9C is higher than ARA in solid LGI-P medium in a range from 5 to 20% acetylene.


Apical I. NoH2

Basal I. NoH2

Figure 1. Hydrogen exchange by internode tissue in sugarcane. Treated tissues incubated 21 h at 30°C, with 0.5 mL, 5000 ppm per tube of 64 mL.

Apical tissues showed the capacity for net H2 uptake. We hypothesized that some other microorganism should be using the H2 evolved by N2-fixing bacteria.

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