Material and Methods

Bradyrhizobium japonicum 110spc4 is a spontaneous spectinomycin resistant mutant of USDA3Ibll0 and is referred to as wild type (wt) in this work. A136 is a mutant derivative of 110spc4 (Figure 1). Strain 149 has a uidA gene integrated into the chromosome downstream of the nod box promoter preceding tts A (Figure 1). For expression analyses, B. japonicum was grown in YEM medium to the stationary phase. Cells were resuspended in the same amount of fresh medium and genistein was added to a concentration of 1 |_tM. Activity was measured after 24 hours. Methylumbelliferyl-glucuronide was used as substrate for ß-D-glucuronidase and methylumbelli-feron was measured according to standard protocols.

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