The sequence of the N. europaea genome is currently being determined by the Joint Genome Institute at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with funding from the US Dept of Energy ( The sequencing is under the direction of Jane Lamerdin and the sequence annotation is under the direction of Frank Larimer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Collaborators include: Daniel J. Arp, Oregon State University; Alan B. Hooper, University of Minnesota; Martin G. Klotz, University of Louisville; and Jenny M. Norton, Utah State University. Random clones were sequenced representing more than 8x coverage of the genome and the project is currently in the finishing phase. The determination of the sequence of the genome of N. europaea represents the first elucidation of the genome of an obligate aerobic chemolithoautotroph and suggests prototypically basic capabilities. Similarity searches suggested much about the bacterium's metabolic capabilities. For example, all central biosynthetic pathways are essentially complete, but degradative pathways are largely absent. N. europaea appears well specialized for growth only on NH3 and C02.

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