Gene Discovery through Genomic Sequence

A quantum leap in the study of bacterial pathogenesis is the availability of complete genome sequence. Genomics allows us to infer functions of gene products by direct comparison of nucleotide or amino acids sequences. B. abortus partial genome sequence revealed the presence of genes sharing homology with genes involved in Rhizobium symbiosis or Agrobacterium virulence. Some of the most significant examples are: the Sinorhizobium meliloti ndvB, S. meliloti phaA, S. meliloti bacA\ Bradyrhizobium japonicum nodV, B. japonicum nodW, B. japonicum hemH;

A. tumefaciens exoC, A. tumefaciens virBlO, A. tumefaciens attJ. In order to assess if those genes are functional in Brucella!cell interaction, a series of null mutants were obtained and their phenotypes analyzed in cell and mouse models.

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