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The cysteine regions might form a DNA-binding zinc-fmger found in many transcription factors

Figure 3. Schematic representation of ENBP1 from Vicia hirsuta

A region 139 bp immediately upstream of the transcription start site of Psenodl2B is able to direct nodule-specific expression in transgenic V. hirsuta roots. Promoter fragments with introduced mutations in the AATAA-78 to -82 or TTATT-92 to -96 sequences either did not bind or had reduced binding capacity to the ATh polypeptide in vitro. Furthermore, promoters mutated in the AATAA-78 to -82 are inactive in transgenic vetch roots. Overexpression of Vsenbpl in transgenic vetch roots resulted in tissue-specific regulation of a leaky Psenodl2B promoter, overriding the effect exerted by a CaMV35S promoter on Psenodl2B promotergusA-int expression. The results presented here, therefore, indicate that VsENBPl might be a trans-acting factor that through interaction with the AATAA-78 to -82 sequence regulates the tissue-specific expression of Psenodl2B.

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