Abbreviations and Acronyms

ATP Adenosine triphosphate

BOD Biochemical oxygen demand cBOD Carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand coBOD Colloidal biochemical oxygen demand

DO Dissolved oxygen

F/M Food to microorganism ratio

HRT Hydraulic retention time

I/I Inflow and infiltration kcal Kilocalories

MCRT Mean cell residence time mg Milligram mg/l Milligrams per liter

MLSS Mixed liquor suspended solids

MLVSS Mixed liquor volatile suspended solids mv Millivolt nBOD Nitrogenous biochemical oxygen demand nm Nanometer

NOD Nitrogenous oxygen demand pBOD Particulate biochemical oxygen demand

RAS Return activated sludge sBOD Soluble biochemical oxygen demand


Sequential batch reactor


Total biochemical oxygen demand


Total kjeldahl nitrogen


Total suspended solids




Degrees Celsius


Pound or number


Greater than


Less than

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