Foreword to the Second Edition

In the first edition titled "Olive-Mill Waste Management'' emphasis was given to olive-mill waste. In the second edition, the original title has been modified to encompass all types of by-products generated during olive tree cultivation and olive fruit processing. In the case of olive tree cultivation, information is presented referring to pruning and harvest residues but does not include wasted fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides which constitute a subject matter of their own. In the case of olive processing, information is presented referring to olive-milling waste-waters, solid, gaseous and energy wastes, and table olive processing wastewaters. In addition, information has been included concerning the management of used olive oil from cooking or other activities. Literature references and patents published or located since the first edition have been examined and incorporated where appropriate.

Two entirely new parts have been added. Part IV presents information on the characterization, environmental effects, treatment processes, and uses of waste generated during table olive processing. Part V gives an economical and legislative overview concerning olive-mill waste.

Finally, corrections and suggestions from colleagues and other interested researchers have been taken care of in this edition.

We acknowledge the valuable contribution of several people who helped us during the formation of the second edition. Many thanks go to E. Karatzas, Research Associate of the Waste Management Laboratory — University of the Aegean, for his valuable help with various aspects of this edition. To a lesser extent, we would like to also thank other members of the above mentioned laboratory who contributed i.e. G. Giouzepas, M. Hadjimanolakis, and D. Balabanis.

We are also grateful to our colleagues for providing valuable comments and recommendations during the preparation of the manuscript, namely: L. Di Giovacchino, L. Gilles, A. Bourgonje, N. Azbar, T. Colliner, E. Z. Panagou, A. Giannes, and M. Lorenz.

Our thanks are also due to W. Bolger for contributing to this edition. Many thanks also go to Ms Jasmin Bakker of Elsevier Amsterdam; the professional work and cooperation of Cepha Imaging Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India is greatly appreciated.

Dr. M. Niaounakis Professor C. P. Halvadakis The Hague, May 2005

Part I

Background Information

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