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Development of a solar distillation wastewater treatment plant for olive oil mills Bioremediation of olive-mill wastewater for use as fertilizer Ultrahydrophytosqualene: New Processes for the Generation of Squalene by Supercritical Fluid Extraction from Waste of Olive Oil Production and Hydrogenation of Squalene Improvements of Treatments and Validation of the Liquid-Solid Waste from the Two-Phase Olive Oil Extraction Natural Antioxidants from Olive Oil

Processing Wastewater Composting of husks produced by two phase centrifugation olive milling plants Water recovery from olive-mill wastewaters after photocatalytic detoxification and disinfection Recycling and use of waste from olive oil production North Aegean Innovative Actions and Support; Action 7.6 ''Innovative Olive-Mill Waste Management Systems'' Mediterranean usage of biotechnological treated effluent water Wastewater recycling of olive oil mills in Mediterranean countries — Demonstration and sustainable reuse of residuals Water resources management under drought conditions. Criteria and tools for conjunctive use of conventional and marginal waters in Mediterranean regions

Innovative technologies for recycling olive residue and vegetation water Innovative demonstration facility for the treatment of wastewater from olive oil presses (OMW) with material and energetic utilization of residues Development of industrial solutions for the recycling and valorization of the olive oil fabrication residues for biopolymers and fine chemicals

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