There are also a few commercial facilities which employ HTMR processes. The Horsehead Resource Development Company operates Waelz kiln plants 1n Palmerton, Pennsylvania and Calumet City, Illinois, and a demonstration-scale Flame Reactor 1n Monaca, Pennsylvania. INMETCo operates an HTMR process in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Most of the co&mercial HTMR processes are geared towards recovery of metallic values from steelmaking electric arc furnace dust (KQ51).

Current information on metals treatment/recovery technologies show that combinations of technologies may often be required to recover metals from wastewaters and sludges. The Bureau of Mines is currently conducting research on the applicability of various metals recovery technologies, such as HTMR, leaching, membrane separation, and electrogalvanizing, for different categories of hazardous wastes. Further studies should be performed to determine the specific combinations of treatment methods that will most effectively recover metals from different types of wastes.

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