Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies

Alan P. Jackman, Robert L. Powell

University of California, Davis

This book provides comprehensive information on various available technologies which can be used to treat hazardous wastes. With the exception of some of the possible embellishments such as the enhancement of oxidation processes with ultraviolet light, ali of the technologies are in current use. although most of the previous applications have not been to hazardous wastes.

In many cases, several of the technologies presented in the book could be used to treat the same waste stream. It is the authors' intent to provide comparative information, both technical and economic, that would be useful to designers in assessing the suitability of a particular process to their specific situation Where possible, the limits to the application of a particular technology, as it is currently practiced, have been pointed out. and possible process modifications which might improve the effectiveness of a particular process, even where the study of those modifications is slill in the research stage, are noted.

The book will also be useful to policy makers who are interested in assessing the impact that implementation of various technologies might have on mitigation of hazardous wastes in their spheres of Infl uence. While much of the research for this book was undertaken for policy makers in California, the information is applicable elsewhere as well. To Ihe extent that the array of hazardous wastes generated in California is representative of those generated in other states or the nation as a whole, these case studies provide policy makers with a valuable toof to assess the impact of a particular technology.

For biological treatment, wet air oxidation, chemical fixation and chemical oxidation, the authors have compiled the information necessary to determine the applicability of a particular technology to a variety of wastes. The scientific basis for the treatment methodology is presented, along with representative process flow sheets which can be used under a variety of treatment-

demand conditions. Cost estimate algorithms are presented along with a list of suppliers of the technologies.

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