This book is the result of a project on intellectual property rights and biodiversity conservation sponsored by the Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment, directed by Professors David Pearce and Kerry Turner. The ESRC's sponsorship of the centre and the project are gratefully acknowledged.

The editor would like to acknowledge his personal debts to Professor David Pearce who (as director of CSERGE) was involved in commissioning this project and has been supportive from its initiation, and also to the team at Cambridge University Press (Alan Crowden, Tracey Sanderson, Zandra Clarke and Carmen Mongillo) for faithfully and professionally seeing the project through to its completion. For financial support I must also acknowledge the National Westminster Bank, which institution had the foresight to endow the position I currently hold at Cambridge University and the Beijer Institute, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, for its support of Dr Khalil's research. Finally, the single greatest personal contribution to this volume (from a non-contributor) was received from Dr Herman J. Gorz, who provided a ready sounding board for many of these ideas. Without his long standing counsel on matters of natural science, I am certain that an interdisciplinary project such as this one would have been virtually impossible to manage. I am very grateful for his important contribution

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    What are acknowledgements of plants?
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