Timing of Extinctions on Each Continent

I used supporting information table 1 in Koch and Barnosky (2006) to place the extinction of each megafauna species in one of the following temporal bins: <100 kyr B.P., 100-50 kyr B.P., 50-15.5 kyr B.P., 15.5-11.5 kyr B.P., and 11.5-0.5 kyr B.P. The latter bin is cut off at 500 years ago to exclude recent extinctions. As far as is known, before 500 years ago, the last megafauna species extinction was 3,000 years ago. Despite being somewhat coarse, these bins are adequate to examine the biomass tradeoff at the order-of-magnitude level of resolution to which the rest of the data are appropriate.

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