Multiple Regression Analysis

A multiple regression analysis was performed to explain variation in the log number of naturalized plant species on islands. Predictor variables included history of occupation, time of European settlement/trade, latitude, log of island elevation, log of island area, and log of human population size (Table 5A.1). Several variables (as indicated above) were log-transformed to meet the assumption of normally distributed data. Stepwise analyses were performed by using the backward and forward procedures for adding and removing variables. The probability for a variable to enter the model was set at 0.250, and the probability for a variable to leave was set at 0.100. The best model constructed (judged by lowest AIC value and statistically significant predictor variables) has three predictors: history of occupation, log of elevation, and log of human population size; the model has an adjusted R2 value of 0.91. All statistical analyses were performed in JMP software, Version 5.0.1.

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