Island Characteristics

Island characteristics are recorded in Appendix Table 5A.1. Prehistoric occupancy, date of European settlement (for uninhabited islands) or first date of trade with Europeans (for islands already inhabited), latitude, island elevation, island area, human population size, and island occupation history are taken from references described in Sax et al. (2002) and as cited in Appendix Table 5A.1. Native and naturalized richness were tallied from the literature after applying a standardized set of criteria to published work. These criteria defined native and naturalized plant species as those believed to have self-supporting populations, such that species believed to be ephemeral were not included. Further, species that are ''cryptogenic,'' i.e., possibly native or exotic, were excluded from these tallies. See Sax et al. (2002) for a complete discussion of these criteria and their application. Native and naturalized richness recorded in Appendix Table 5A.1 reflect the most up-to-date values available; these values differ slightly from those recorded in Sax et al. (2002), particularly where a more detailed accounting of historical records has provided additional information on species status.

102 / Dov F. Sax and Steven D. Gaines

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