We thank M. Koo for producing Figs. 2.1, 2.2, and 2.5 [using methods from Gastner and Newman (2004) and data from SN Stuart et al. (2004), AmphibiaWeb (2007), and Global Amphibian Assessment (2007)]; K. Klitz and R. Diaz for help with Fig. 2.4; colleagues who aided in collecting and analyzing data; C. Briggs, R. Knapp, and T. Tunstall (Sierra Nevada) and M. Garcia-Paris, G. Parra-Olea, and J. Hanken (Mexico) for discussion; J. Avise and J. Jackson for comments on this manuscript; and M. H. Wake for a thorough review of the manuscript and extensive discussion. This work was supported by National Science Foundation Grant EF0334939 (to D.B.W.) and National Institutes of Health/National Science Foundation Ecology of Infectious Disease Program Grant R01ES12067 [to C. Briggs (University of California, Santa Barbara)].

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