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Adaptation Strategies

Cause Greenhouse Effect Polar Region

Taking the lead in one aspect is Delta Airlines. Beginning in spring 2007, the airline gave customers the opportunity to become involved in reforestation efforts by making donations to their Conservation Fund when they booked their airline tickets. The following December, Continental Airlines created a carbon offsetting calculator where travelers are able to view the carbon footprint of their flight and make a donation to a nonprofit group called Sustainable Travel International. While there, they can choose one of four offsetting portfolios that range from reforestation efforts to renewable energy projects. Other airlines such as Air Canada and British Airline are starting to follow and offer similar services.

Energy Use And Economic Growth

Efficient fridge, heating system and car, what do I do with the extra money If I spend it on an outdoor patio heater and cheap flights, then energy use may well still go up, even if the intensity of the economic activity I generate declines. So the lesson of the 'decoupling' of energy use from growth in the 1970s is not a simple one.

Effective Adaptation Will Come from Adjustments in Behavior and Social and Economic Systems

Adaptation in the tourism-recreation sector will include changes in behavior (such as adjusting activities, timing of visits, or destination) and business management (such as developing tourism attractions that are not climate sensitive (i.e. health and wellness spas, study tours, indoor entertainment, shopping) and developing conventions or exhibitions for business travelers) (Scott et al.). Larger companies may more successfully adapt through spreading the risk of adverse weather conditions across multiple locations so that those experiencing poor conditions can be supported financially or perhaps even relocated.

Ideal gas basics

Gases are a form of matter in which the individual molecules are free to move independently of one another except for occasional collisions. Most of the time the individual molecules are in free flight out of the range of influence of their neighbors. Gases differ from liquids and solids in that the force between neighbors (on the average over time) is very weak, since the intermolecular force is of short range compared to the typical intermolecular distances for the individual gas molecules.


The economic development of countries and higher standards of living have also allowed passengers to travel more frequently. Linked to these advances has been the desire of governments across the world to deregulate the aviation industry, thus helping to create additional competition. The introduction of new carriers, particularly low-cost airlines, such as Southwest Airlines of the United States and Ryanair of Europe, has helped increase mobility by air for groups of consumers who would have previously found it difficult to travel by air. Commercial aviation carries some 4.5 billion passengers per year. With continued growth by low-cost carriers and the traditional airlines, it is

To Response

This is not only an issue of ethical consumerism and individual choice. Persuading people to buy CFC-free deodorants may have worked in helping to address ozone depletion. Persuading people to fly less in a world of cheap flights, to leave their cars at home when their nearest shops are out of town is harder because food, energy and transport systems, currently organised, assume a world unconstrained by limits on carbon use. This is why capitalism as it currently operates is not working when it comes to tackling climate change. Fundamentally, capitalism does not have a concept of sufficiency, of how much is enough. If it doesn't continue growing, it implodes in crises such as those of the 1930s.

Reducing Impacts

Airlines have looked at addressing concerns of global warming by educating passengers as to the consequences of their actions and allowing them to offset their carbon footprint. In the United Kingdom, flybe. com has produced an energy consumption chart that allows customers to compare their carbon footprint with other aircraft within their fleet. British Airways and easyJet have introduced sections on their websites where customers can pay to offset their carbon The development of low-cost carriers has been seen as one of the main reasons for the continued growth in popularity of cheap flights. Many commentators have seen the development of airlines such as Jet Blue, easyJet, and AirTran as a major hurdle to the possible reduction in air travel. The low-cost carriers have, however, started to market their green credentials by highlighting that their aircraft fleets tend to be the youngest and most fuel efficient within the industry. Furthermore, low-cost airlines point to the higher...

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Budget Airline Travel

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