Zooplankton Invertebrate

Countless zooplankton species are also salt tolerant. For example, approximately 31 species are tolerant of hypersaline conditions and these include 20 copepods, 4 rotifers, 2 anostracans, and 5 cladocerans. One of the most ubiquitous of these, the brine shrimp Artemia, is found worldwide in fishless saline lakes and tolerates salinities >30 000mg l-1 (30%). Many more zooplankton species are tolerant of mesosaline and low salinity waters compared to those which are hypersaline. In East African saline lakes, the number of rotifer, cladoceran and copepod species starts to decline at conductivity >1000 mS cm-1 (— 700 mg l-1) falling further to only a few species above 3000 mS cm-1 (-1800 mgl-1).

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