Other Saline Lakes

There are many other saline lakes similarly affected by water diversions and threatened by secondary salinization. These include the Dead Sea, Lake Corangamite, Lake Balkhash, Pyramid and Walker Lakes, Qinghai Hu, and the Caspian Sea (Figure 6) Elevation of Lake Walker, for example, dropped 40 m from 1882 to 1996 and salinity increased from 2.6 to 12.4 g l_1 as a result of water diversion in the basin.

This secondary salinization led to a decrease in tui chub minnow (Gila bicolor) numbers, which then threatened survival of its main predator, the Lahon-tan cutthroat trout (Oncorhyncus clarki henshawi).

Other threats to saline lakes include introduction of exotic fish species leading to a decline in endemic species (Lake Issyk-kul, Lake Balkhash); heavy metal contamination (Lake Poopo - Bolivia); toxic and radioactive waste contamination (Lake Issyk-kul); and eutrophication (Lake Poopo and the Caspian Sea).

See also: Africa: South of Sahara; Antarctica; Asia; Australia and New Zealand; Europe; Meromictic Lakes; North America; Origins of Types of Lake Basins; South America.

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