Lakes And Reservoirs Of The World

Origins of Types of Lake Basins D KBranstrator 191

Geomorphology of Lake Basins B Timms 203

Reservoirs C Nilsson 211

Abundance and Size Distribution of Lakes, Ponds and Impoundments JA Downing and

C M Duarte 220

Saline Inland Waters M J Waiser and R D Robarts 230

Antarctica J C Priscu and C M Foreman 241

Arctic GW Kling 253

Africa: North of Sahara M Ramdani, N Elkhiati, and R J Flower 265

Africa: South of Sahara O V Msiska 276

Asia B Gopal and D Ghosh 290

Australia and New Zealand J D Brookes and D P Hamilton 302

Europe G A Weyhenmeyer, R Psenner, and L J Tranvik 313

North America W H Renwick 323

South America M E Llames and H E Zagarese 332


Shallow Lakes and Ponds M Meerhoff and E Jeppesen 343

Lake Management, Criteria A C Cardoso, G Free, P Noges, 0 Kaste, S Poikane, and

A Lyche Solheim 354

Lake and Reservoir Management E Jeppesen, M Sondergaard, H S Jensen, and

A-M Ventala 376

Effects of Recreation and Commercial Shipping J E Vermaat 391

Biomanipulation of Aquatic Ecosystems L-A Hansson and C Bronmark 396

Vector-Borne Diseases of Freshwater Habitats V H Resh 403

Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems R Abell, S Blanch, C Revenga, and M Thieme 412

Aquatic Ecosystem Services K E Limburg 422

International Water Convention and Treaties A T Wolf 428


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