Lake Facts in Brief

• New Zealand has 776 lakes having a length greater than 0.5 km.

• The largest lakes in Australia include Lake Eyre (9500 km2), Lake Torrens (5900 km2), and Lake Gairdner (4300 km2), which are all in South Australia. The largest lake in North Island of

Google Earth Lake Eyer
Figure 3 False color satellite image showing the Rotorua lakes' region (source: Google Earth).
Figure 4 Mt. Tarawera (background) rising above Lake Tarawera and Lake Okareka (foreground). (Source: Tourism Rotorua.)

New Zealand is Lake Taupo (616 km2) and in South Island, Lake Te Anau (348 km2).

• The largest artificial lake in Australia is Lake Argyle (700 km2) in Western Australia. New Zealand's largest artificial lake is Lake Benmore (74 km2), retained by a large earth dam on the Waitaki River system in South Island.

• The deepest lake in Australia is Lake St Clair in Tasmania, at 174 m. The deepest lake in New Zealand is Lake Hauroko at 462 m.

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