Editor v

Contributors vii-ix

Introduction to Lake Ecosystem Ecology: A Global Perspective xiii


Lakes as Ecosystems W M Lewis 1

Ecological Zonation in Lakes W M Lewis 11

Littoral Zone J A Peters and D M Lodge 18

Benthic Invertebrate Fauna, Lakes and Reservoirs D L Strayer 27

Trophic Dynamics in Aquatic Ecosystems U Gaedke 41

Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs VIstvanovics 47

Paleolimnology J P Smol 56

Effects of Climate Change on Lakes WF Vincent 65

Modeling of Lake Ecosystems L Hakanson 71


Biological-Physical Interactions C S Reynolds 79

Mixing Dynamics in Lakes Across Climatic Zones S MacIntyre and J M Melack 86

Density Stratification and Stability B Boehrer and M Schultze 96

Small-Scale Turbulence and Mixing: Energy Fluxes in Stratified Lakes A WUestand

ALorke 107

The Benthic Boundary Layer (in Rivers, Lakes, and Reservoirs) A Lorke and S MacIntyre 115

Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 1: Density-Driven Flows F Peeters and R Kipfer 124

Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 2: Internal Waves L Boegman 133

Currents in Stratified Water Bodies 3: Effects of Rotation J P Antenucci 153

Currents in the Upper Mixed Layer and in Unstratified Water Bodies FJRueda and

JVidal 162

Meromictic Lakes K M Stewart, K F Walker, and G E Likens 177

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