The imperilment of freshwater species and habitats around the world is of urgent concern. Not only is a large fraction of the Earth's biodiversity threatened, but essential ecosystem services upon which human communities depend are at risk as well. Conservation strategies for addressing degraded ecosystems will have to be developed and applied within the context of integrated basin management to ensure that threats are mitigated and critical ecosystem processes, often linked to hydrology, can function within natural ranges of variation. Many of the world's freshwaters are already irreparably damaged, but there is time to secure protection for those that remain relatively intact if the political will for such protection can be generated and sustained.

See also: Aquatic Ecosystem Services; Biomanipulation of Aquatic Ecosystems; Effects of Climate Change on Lakes; Effects of Recreation and Commercial Shipping; Eutrophication of Lakes and Reservoirs; International Water Convention and Treaties; Lake and Reservoir Management; Lake Management, Criteria; Lakes as Ecosystems.

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