Amphibians and Reptiles

The turtle Mauremys leprosa is very common in different water bodies in North Africa but Emys orbicu-laris is very rare and limited to the Rif and the Atlas mountain areas. Dayas, Merja, and Aguelmane are important habitats for Bufo bufo spinosus, B. maur-itanicus, and B. viridis. Bufo bongersmai is more frequent in the desertic and arid areas (South west of Morocco and south of Algeria). Hyla meridionalis, Rana saharica, Discoglossus pictus, Alytes obstetri-cans, Pelobates varaldii are common in permanent water bodies. Salamandra algira is very rare in mountain water bodies (Rif and Atlas mountains). Pleuro-deles waltli is common in dayas types 3 and 4.

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