Value of Carbon in Measured Reforestations and Old Growth Forest

To obtain the value of carbon in the measured plantations it is converted to its equivalent in CO2e, to which a conservative value of US$10 per tonne is then applied.17 Table 5.1 shows the results of measurement in 11 plantations plus an old growth forest site.

Table 5.2 shows that young plantations yield relatively little carbon value. If site number 5 is discarded as being atypical, then the results suggest an incremental annual value of carbon ranging between US$240 and US$308 per hectare for plantations between 7 and 18 years old.

Table 5.3 shows that the carbon found by measurement in old growth forest has a notional value of over US$10 000 per hectare.18

Tree Judged
Note: The diameter at breast height (DBH) of such trees is measured above the buttresses. The sampling procedure must adequately represent such trees which can make up a large percentage of the biomass and the carbon in a sample plot.

Figure 5.6 Ficus obliqua in the oldgrowth tropicalforest that was sampled and measured

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