The social costs of carbon released to the atmosphere

Estimates of the climate change costs of carbon released to the atmosphere vary widely. The range mainly reflects divergent views on how future costs should be valued in the present but also reflects what is being measured. Here, the marginal social cost (MSC) of carbon is taken as the annual cost, reflecting its decay over time, of a pulse of 1t of C emitted in year 1. The profile of MSC of one tonne of carbon emissions over 400 years, in

Years since emission

Note: The marginal social cost is the cost in each year subsequent to the emission in year 1 of 1 tonne of C.

Source: Hunt and Baum (2009: Figure 1).

Figure 3.5 Marginal social cost of 1 tonne of C emissions, 400 years, zero discount rate, year 2000 dollars the absence of policy intervention, is estimated using data from the DICE model (Nordhaus 1994) and is depicted in Figure 3.5.9

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