Conclusions On Loss Of Biodiversity

The key realities with respect to trends in biodiversity loss can be summarized as follows:

• The powerful indirect drivers of biodiversity loss: world population growth, the need to raise millions out of poverty and rises in real GDP per capita, are not expected to abate.

• Direct drivers of land-use change, that is conversion of forests to agriculture, urbanization and infrastructure development, are expected to remain constant or increase in the near future. While rates of ecosystem loss are decreasing in temperate areas, they are increasing in tropical areas rich in biodiversity.

• Even though progress is being made in estimating the total economic value of ecosystems, weak and fragmented global and national institutions are incapable of effecting the internalization of the value of the loss of ecosystems in development decisions.

• There is a severe lack of funds to establish a comprehensive global system of protected areas.

The Basic Survival Guide

The Basic Survival Guide

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