The unstinting moral support from my wife, Maxine Pitts, made the task enjoyable. The generous material support from my son, Justin Hunt, made the book possible.

A visiting fellowship in the Economics School at Queensland University in 2008 and 2009 provided access to library resources that are second to none. For this privilege I thank Professor Emeritus Clem Tisdell and Professor John Foster.

Appreciation is extended to authors for the permission to use figures, as follows: Figure 1.3, Satoshi Kambayashi; Figure 1.4, Mike Apps and Gert-Jan Nabuurs; Figure 2.4, Till Neeff; Figures 2.5a and 2.5b, Bruno Locatelli; Figure 2.5e, Neil Bird, Michael Dutschke and Lucio Pedroni; Figure 4.3, The Ozone Hole Inc.; Figure 6.3, Thomas Adams and University of Georgia Research Foundation; Figure 8.4, Danillo Mollicone; Figure 8.5, Lorenzo Ciccarese, Michael Dutschke, Philip Fearnside, Sandra Brown and Daniel Murdiyarso on behalf of the late Bernard Schlamadinger; and Figure 8.7, Scott Willis.

Alan Sturmer of Edward Elgar provided prompt and valuable advice throughout and Suzanne Mursell of Edward Elgar provided timely editorial assistance.

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The Basic Survival Guide

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