Zero Emission in Beer Breweries

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Waste recycling systems in beer breweries are very complete. Kirin Beer Co. Ltd. has achieved zero-emission for its industrial wastes since 1998. Table 22 shows the amounts for each of the wastes and their uses [46]. Moreover, the emission factor of wastes has itself also decreased from 0.205 kg/L in 1996 to 0.140 kg/L in 2001. Wastewater is treated by a UASB reactor and activated sludge method in 10 out of 12 factories in this company. In fact, 18,860x103 m3 of wastewater generate 4800 tons of methane gas from UASB reactors, corresponding to 5200 kL of oil. The biogas is used for the fuel of boiler and cogeneration systems. In another big beer company in Japan, we can see similar situations. They treat wastewater in eight out of nine factories by UASB or EGSB reactors and activated sludge. They produce 8315 tons of methane from 14,652x103 m3 of wastewater.

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