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The aeration basin volume is: 60 m3/dayx1.73 day=104 m3 (27,421 gal). The sludge yield can be computed as: AXv=aS-bXdXvt

AXv=0.5x780 mg/L-0.01x0.53x3000 mg/Lx1.73 AXv=115 mg/L

AXv=115 mg/Lx60 m3/dayx10-3 =7.0 kg/day(15.4 lb/day)

Check the sludge age:

Compute the oxygen required:

02/day = (0,6 x 780 x 60 + 0,12 x 0.53 x 3000 x ]04>10-J Oi/day ^ 48 kg/day = 2k£/hour (4.4 lb/hour)

The oxygen needed can also be calculated directly from the approximate relation: 2.0-2.5 kg O2/kg BOD5

02/day=60 m3/dayx800 g B0D5/m3x10-3x2 kg O2/kg BOD5 02/day=96 kg O2/day (4 kg/hour) (8.8 lb/hour)

Compute the effluent quality at 15°C:

The effluent quality at 10°C:

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