Volatile Aromatics

Benzene and its derivatives are used widely throughout the chemical industry as solvents and raw materials. Mono-, di-, and trichlorobenzenes are used directly as pesticides for their insecticidal and fungicidal properties. Benzene, toluene, and chlorobenzene are used as raw materials in the synthesis of at least 15 pesticides, although their main use is as a carrier solvent in 76 processes. Additional priority pollutant aromatics and chlorinated aromatics exist as impurities or as reaction byproducts because of the reactions of the basic raw materials and solvent compounds.

Figure 8 Probability plot of pesticide product wastewater flows. Of pesticide manufacturing plants, 50% have flows less than 0.01 MGD; 98% have flows less than 1.0 MGD (from Ref. 7).

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