Table 3 Soap and Detergent Categorization Source


Soap manufacture Batch kettle and continuous A Fatty acid manufacture by fat splitting B Soap from fatty acid neutralization C Glycerine recovery Glycerine concentration D Glycerine distillation E Soap flakes and powders F Bar soaps G Liquid soap H Detergent manufacture Oleum sulfonation and sulfation (batch and continuous) I Air-SO3 sulfation and sulfonation (batch and continuous) J SO3 solvent and vacuum sulfonation K Sulfamic acid sulfation L Chlorosulfonic acid sulfation M Neutralization of sulfuric acid esters and sulfonic acids N Spray-dried detergents O Liquid detergent manufacture P Detergent manufacture by dry blending Q Drum-dried detergents R _Detergent bars and cakes__S

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