Spray Dried Detergents O

In this segment of the processing, the neutralized sulfonates and/or sulfates are first blended with builders and additives in the crutcher. The slurry is then pumped to the top of a spray tower of about 4.5-6.1 m (15-20 ft) in diameter by 45-61 m (150-200 ft) in height, where nozzles spray out detergent slurry. A large volume of hot air enters the bottom of the tower and rises to

Figure 10 Air-SO3 sulfation and sulfonation (batch and continuous) (J) (from Ref. 13).
Design Air Freezing Index
Figure 11 SO3 solvent and vacuum sulfonation (K) (from Ref. 13).

Figure 12 Sulfamic acid sulfation (L) (from Ref. 13).

Figure 12 Sulfamic acid sulfation (L) (from Ref. 13).

Figure 13 Chlorosulfonic acid sulfation (M) (from Ref. 13).

Figure 14 Neutralization of sulfuric acid esters and sulfonic acids (N) (from Ref. 13).

meet the falling detergent. The design preparation of this step will determine the detergent particle's shape, size, and density, which in turn determine its solubility rate in the washing process.

The air coming from the tower will be carrying dust particles that must be scrubbed, thus generating a wastewater stream. The spray towers are periodically shut down and cleaned. The tower walls are scraped and thoroughly washed down. The final step is mandatory because the manufacturers must be careful to avoid contamination to the subsequent formulation.

Wastewater streams are rather numerous, as seen in the flow diagram of Figure 15. They include many washouts of equipment from the crutchers to the spray tower itself. One wastewater flow that has high loadings is that of the air scrubber, which cleans and cools the hot gases exiting from this tower. All the plants recycle some of the wastewater generated, while some of the plants recycle all the flow generated. Owing to increasingly stringent air quality requirements, it can be expected that fewer plants will be able to maintain a complete recycle system of all water flows in the spray tower area. After the powder comes from the spray tower, it is further blended and then packaged.

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