Obtaining Funding

The pollution prevention team must seek funding for those selected projects that will require expenditures. Within a company, there are probably other projects such as expanding production capacity or moving into new product lines that compete with the pollution prevention projects for funding. If the team is part of the overall budget decision-making process, it can make an informed decision on whether the selected pollution project should be implemented right away or whether it can await the next capital budgeting period. The team needs to ensure that the pollution prevention projects will be reconsidered at that time.

Some companies will have difficulty raising funds internally for capital investment, especially companies in developing countries. External funds are available to implement pollution prevention projects. Private sector financing includes bank loans and other conventional sources of financing. Financial institutions and international organizations (e.g., Asian Development Bank) are becoming more cognizant of the sound business aspects of pollution prevention and cleaner production [15]. Government financing should be available in some cases to help small- and medium-sized plants.

A strong engineering approach helps ensure proper implementation of the selected projects. Outside process engineering support may be required if company personnel do not have the time to implement tasks. Many pollution prevention projects may require changes in operating procedures, purchasing methods, materials inventory control, equipment modification, or new equipment. Such changes may affect a company's policies and procedures. However, the implementation phases resemble those of most other company projects.

Personnel who will be directly affected by the project (line workers and engineers) should participate from the start. Those personnel indirectly affected (e.g., controllers, purchasing agents) should also participate as project implementation proceeds. Any additional training requirements should be identified and arrangements made for instruction. All employees should be periodically informed of the project status and should be educated as to the benefits of the projects to them and to the company. Encouraging employee feedback and ideas may ease the natural resistance to change.

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