Fat Splitting B

The manufacture of fatty acid from fat is called fat splitting (B), and the process flow diagram is shown in Fig. 3. Washouts from the storage, transfer, and pretreatment stages are the same as those for process (A). Process condensate and barometric condensate from fat splitting will be contaminated with fatty acids and glycerine streams, which are settled and skimmed to recover

Figure 2 Soap manufacture by batch kettle (A) (from Ref. 13).
Figure 3 Fatty acid manufacture by fat splitting (B) (from Ref. 13).

the insoluble fatty acids that are processed for sale. The water will typically circulate through a cooling tower and be reused. Occasional purges of part of this stream to the sewer release high concentrations of BOD and some grease and oil.

In the fatty acid distillation process, wastewater is generated as a result of an acidification process, which breaks the emulsion. This wastewater is neutralized and sent to the sewer. It will contain salt from the neutralization, zinc and alkaline earth metal salts from the fat splitting catalyst, and emulsified fatty acids and fatty acid polymers.

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