Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor

The anaerobic sequencing batch reactor (ASBR) is an anaerobic activated sludge system in which all processes occur in the same reactor. Similar to other sequencing batch reactors, an

Cstr Digester
Figure 9 A CSTR digester for organic biodegradation.

ASBR is operated in sequences: fill phase, reaction phase, settle phase, draw phase, and idle phase. Biological degradation of manure occurs in the reaction phase; while the separation of activated sludge from the treated water takes place in the settle phase. This reactor can provide good treatment for animal manure waste. For example, the removal efficiencies for COD and ammonia are 95 and 98%, respectively. While this technology provides a compact, land-safe treatment system, it requires significant process control and is equipment intensive. An ASBR with a VSLR of 1.7 g L-1 day-1 and HRT of 15 days was successfully used in the full-scale treatment of swine manure [14].

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