The Diplomatic Road to Copenhagen

Fifteen years after international climate negotiations began at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and 10 years after the Kyoto Protocol was completed, the Bali Road Map and Action Plan outlined the steps needed to reach a new, post-Kyoto climate treaty in Copenhagen by the end of 2009. Beyond 2009, international negotiations on climate will likely continue in order to set new emission reduction targets, adapt to scientific advances, and adjust to a changing climate.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change adopted

JUNE 1992

Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit

Kyoto Protocol adopted to control greenhouse gas emissions through 2012


Kyoto Meeting

Kyoto Protocol enters into force


The Bali Road Map and Action Plan outline the steps needed to reach a new international climate treaty by the end of 2009


Bali Meeting


Groundwork for the new agreement

2008 Meetings in Bangkok, Bonn, Accra, and Poznan

2009 Meetings


Target date for agreement on a new international climate treaty

Copenhagen Meeting

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