Share of Global Emissions in Carbon Dioxide Equivalent 2004

Climate Change Reference Guide and Glossary

Greenhouse Gas Sources, by Sector

Greenhouse gases come from a broad range of human activities, including energy use, changes in land use (such as deforestation), and agriculture.2


Sample Emissiongenerating Activities

Energy Supply

Generation of primary

energy supplies, chiefly

from fossil fuels; produc-

tion of fuels for electricity,

transportation, and heat;

includes extraction and



Production of metals, pulp

and paper, cement, and

chemical production


Deforestation, decomposi

tion of biomass that

remains after logging


Crop and livestock



Travel by car, plane, train,

or ship

Residential and

Heating, cooling, and

Commercial Buildings



Landfills, incineration,


Emissions by Sector, in Carbon Dioxide Equivalent, 2004

(13.1%) (13.5%)

Source: IPCC

Climate Change Reference Guide and Glossary

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