Bouncing Forward to Greater Resilience

Low- and middle-income countries—and particularly their poorest inhabitants—are at the frontline of climate change. The political difficulties in drawing attention to their plight and the practical difficulties of measuring increases in resilience present serious challenges.

As discussed at the beginning of this chapter, building resilience to climate change is not only about ensuring that individuals, communities, and nations can maintain their current situation. It is also about improving living standards in a way that does not worsen the problems of climate change. When billions of people around the world lack adequate water supplies, building resilience involves extending the provision of water and sanitation. When millions of children die of preventable diseases each year, building resilience means improving child mortality figures rather than merely preventing them from increasing. Rather than thinking about resilience as "bouncing back" from shocks and stresses, it is perhaps more useful to think of it as "bouncing forward" to a state where shocks and stresses can be dealt with more efficiently and successfully and with less damage to individual lives and livelihoods.

Bouncing forward will require new commitments from influential actors at a variety of scales, including NGOs, local and national governments, and international bodies. The good news is that building resilience to climate change will also help address many of the environmental, health, and developmental challenges facing the world today. And as the farmers in Njoro Division in Kenya, the climate scientists in Mali's Direction Nationale de La Météorologie, and the planners in Durban have all shown, practical actions to support human ingenuity can yield impressive results.


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