The second stage an extended evacuation

Hurricane evacuations are a way of life in southern Louisiana. People grab the essentials and a few day's supplies and head out on the road, fully expecting to return in a few days time. This applies to medications as well. Katrina made landfall at the end of August, and most people renew their prescriptions on the first of each month. As such, most people evacuated with only those few pills left from their August prescriptions. When it became clear that they would not be returning to their homes in the next few days, this became a very big problem. rdinarily, one would simply have one's physician call in a prescription renewal to a local pharmacy. However, the physicians offices were closed or damaged, and the physicians themselves were evacuated, most with no way for their patients to contact them. As New Orleans had served as a regional medical referal center, this affected not just residents of the city proper, but of the surrounding regions as well.

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