Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention

The CAA compliance deadline may cause companies to install simple end-of-pipe emission controls, instead of pollution prevention process changes. In order to limit this practice and encourage waste minimization, U.S. EPA allows owners and operators of combustion facilities to request a one-year extension to the MACT compliance period in cases where additional time is needed to install pollution prevention and waste minimization measures that reduce the amount of hazardous waste entering combustion feedstreams. Requests for a one-year extension must reasonably document that the waste minimization measures could not be installed in time to meet the three-year compliance period. Decisions to grant the extensions will be made by U.S. EPA or authorized state programs.

The rule proposes emission standards for dioxins, furans, mercury, cadmium, lead, PM, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and several low-volatile metals. It also proposes a new comparable fuels exclusion and makes significant changes to the existing combustion regulations.

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